Virgen de Zapopan

Zapopan, Jalisco

The Virgen de Zapopan basilica is located on the outskirts of Guadalajara. The complex includes a Huichol museum, a store selling indigenous crafts, and a bookstore. Votive offerings to the Virgen de Zapopan are made in the chapel of the Señor del Buen Viaje, which is located behind the basilica’s main altar. A few offerings are also made to Pope John Paul II, in a room dedicated to advocating his canonization; and to San Juan Diego, as illustrated in the last photograph of the selection that follows. Candles are offered in a chapel near the basilica’s main entrance. The first photograph below shows a petitionary object offered by a child for (among other requests) the protection of a father who is a tractor-trailer driver.

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