Virgen de Dolores de Soriano

Colón, Querétaro

The Virgen de Soriano is enshrined in an elaborately renovated basilica complex that includes a Museum of Miracles. Two large votive paintings are prominently displayed in the museum, one concerning the resuscitated drowned girl María José and the other concerning a female votary cured of AIDS. In glass cases older retablos are displayed with newer ones commissioned by the basilica on behalf of devotees. In the following selection of photographs the basilica-commissioned retablos, including the first one below, are identifiable by their bright colors. Note in some of the retablos the rays of grace that the Virgin emits to transfer her power to beneficiaries.

00 featured SANTUARIO DE LA VIRGEN DE SORIANO, QUERETARO, MEXICO.jpg1 SORIANO 145.jpg2 SORIANO 143.jpg3 SORIANO 142.jpg4 SORIANO 140.jpg5 SORIANO 141.jpg6 SORIANO 024.jpg7.1 SORIANO.jpg8.5 SORIANO.jpg10.13 SORIANO 124.jpg10.14 SORIANO 129.jpg11 colon soriano 002.jpg12 SORIANO detail 2005.jpgBASILICA DE LA VIRGEN DE SORIANO,QUERETARO, MEXICO 55ch.jpgcolon soriano 012.jpgcolon soriano 016 small.jpgcolon soriano 018.jpgcolon soriano 030.jpgcolon soriano 034.jpgcolon soriano 038.jpgSORIANO 001.jpgSORIANO 020 COLLABOATIVE.jpgSORIANO 022.jpgSORIANO 032.jpgSORIANO 034.jpgSORIANO 047.jpgSORIANO 059.jpgSORIANO 060.jpgSORIANO 066.jpgSORIANO 131.jpgsurgery hi-res.jpgxx 5x5 SORIANO 065.jpgxx 21 5x5 SORIANO 094.jpgxx SORIANO 011 DETAIL LIGHTENED.jpgxx SORIANO 043.jpgxx SORIANO 048.jpgxx SORIANO 061.jpgxx SORIANO 094.jpgxx SORIANO 096.jpgXX SORIANO detail 1964.jpgxxx colon soriano 078.jpgxxx colon soriano 079.jpg